Micro-Marketing is ideally suited for person-to-person communication at stages along the “Loyalty Path,” and many of the Top 10 applications have aimed at stage-specific relationship or revenue building

1. Highly Targeted Direct Mail Introductions: Specific value story to “Ideal Target Clients,” audience sizes from a few hundred to a few. Often as a soften-the-beachhead tactic that precedes sales team contact.

2. Drip Campaigns, Selected High-Potential Contacts: List is usually carefully researched, sometimes self-generated by sales person, for example via local research or LinkedIn. Duration often a year. General theme: we’re ready to serve when you are ready to consider a change.

3. Memory of Value Follow-Up, Delaying High Potential Prospects: After-presentation contact to maintain competitive edge during long-decision cycle. Similar tactics work after trade events. Exceptional ROI because of tightly focused use of dollars.

4. Client (or Member) Welcome and Onboard: Appreciation, gauge of initial satisfaction, helpful usability information, cross-sell opportunities, referral request. A key element, the tipping point, of Trusted Advisor marketing

5. Long-Term Loyalty Drip Campaigns: Examples are birthday or holiday touches, 5-year anniversary of purchase campaigns. Intended as both personal relationship building and Memory of Value communication.

6. Leadership Communication: Applications include welcome and onboard, morale building touches, motivation and appreciation, and multi-departmental engagement programs aimed at strategic level gains.


Micro-Communication Top 10

  Stranger   Newly Met     Active Prospect   New Client   Repeat Client    Loyal Client

The Loyalty Path was trademarked as Client Path Marketing by Enfront, Inc.

7. Mini-Newsletters: Brief but easily prepared newsletters for clients, prospects, employees or other stakeholders. Major benefit is easily execution of a touch that is ordinarily an administrative hassle.

8. Event Promotion/Management: Save the Date, invitation, interim promotion, team appreciation, attendee follow-up.

9. Birthday as Starter Program: A high-impact touch in many fields and a strong way to energize micro-marketing as a tool.

10. Inquiry Follow-Up: Follow-up with phone or other inbound inquirer, content specific to inquiry, one touch or multi-part campaign.

Misc. Creative Applications:

- Influencer marketing, usually targeted direct mail.

- Lost or lapsed client/member retrieval

- Pre-renewal date campaign

- Pre– and post-periodic review communication


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