I am good at seeing applications of technology long before others do. In 1984, using a new PC and an old printing press, I invented the idea of collecting consumer data and providing home-service recommendations to paid members. It began as Unified Neighbors and later morphed into Angie’s List, recently acquired at long of half a billion dollars. Some have said Unified Neighbors, with its active support of collaborative member interaction, was a forerunner of social media. (I don’t make the claim, but admit to enjoying the kernel or two of relevance.)

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Enfront was inspired by Peppers & Rogers 1990s book,  “One to One Future” and made possible by emerging digital technology.

No one yet sees what I see, so my ride has been rough financially, self-funded at nearly $3 million since inception. But I am convinced that Enfront fishes in Blue Ocean water far deeper than Angie’s List.  I also acknowledge that the idea is bigger than I am, the reason for this page.


Investor / Acquirer

I seek two phases of investor  interaction

Positive Explorers:

Visionary individuals in the investment world who will explore positively the possibility that the Angie’s List creator has another ace up his sleeve. (I have learned painfully that the skeptics require enormous time and energy while verifying their original dark assessment.)

A Partner in Implementation:

An investor-partner who will actively guide Enfront to full potential in a 2-5 year time frame. Possibilities would include the following, but I’m open to the route recommended by this trusted partner:

- Angel stage to acquisition-worthy

- Immediate corporate strategic-capability acquisition

- High-growth, equity financed.

I believe that qualified explorers can find all necessary reason to be positive in this website and its multiple mini-sites, the below graphic a solid clue of scope, one small element of the Enfront opportunity.

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