Is this concept really high-tech?

Yes and a strategic no. When you see behind the curtain, you'll see remarkable technology at work "in the cloud." So our blend of products includes both emailed and physically mailed. Here’s why important: there has been a remarkable return to physical products as email read rates decline and internet noise intensifies. Google and Microsoft are using direct mail. We believe the right answer is a blend of technologies, to be used based on your goals and status of recipient relationship.

Is contact data secure?

Terms and conditions pledge that no use is made of contact information other than specifically directed by our client. All normal cloud-precautions regarding security including redundant back-up. We neither need nor want any personal or account information beyond contact data and “tagging” for routine targeting of messaging.

Who develops content for the system?

Content can be developed by Enfront, by an independent consultant, or by your in-house or agency talent.  In general, content is not new and creative rather it involves tailoring existing material (website, brochures, blogs, etc.) to the specification of the Enfront system’s templates.

Is there integration with our existing CRM?

Enfront can receive information from or send information to an existing contact management system, but a huge element of Enfront's strategy is quick-strike capability that allows an entire system to be activated in a few days at low cost. Recipient lists are normally highly selective, high-potential.  This brand of targeted, high-impact communication is almost impossible if attempting to engage the IT support needed for API integration.


Can campaigns be stopped in-progress?

Yes — a positive reason would be the prospect’s decision to become a client. But whatever the reason, campaigns can be halted for any individual user and any single recipient.

How can minimum order quantity be one?

This performance promise is fundamental to the Enfront purpose and is possible because system products utilize fixed templates and print specifications. Although these restriction limit selections such as paper choice, the upside far outweighs the need to adjust to specifications.

I don't think my people will do this.

There are a variety of ways to administer on behalf of system communicators. You may also decide that the opportunity for new business and competitive edge is reason to "inspire" your team to participate.

How is funding handled?

A positive account balance is funded as needed via credit card. In larger organizations, a mutually satisfactory admin system is developed.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Enfront operates with 3-month or 12-month pre-buys, non-refundable. Nothing further.

Do You have any sense of humor, at all? This whole thing is pretty stuffy.

Actually, yes, thank you for asking. Click