Easy, Affordable Launch Creates a Flexible Tool

There are Enfront clients who, for years, have simply followed-up after networking, or welcomed new clients. Some send birthday cards to employees or clients. But others utilize multiple campaigns for multiple reasons. The key: select a helpful project and start — making the tool an ongoing part of your capability. 

Putting Enfront to Work

The Path Toward Loyalty is a Project Source

- Introduction to Target Ideal Relationships (concept applies to clients, employees, donors or channel partners)

- Follow-up to deepen relationship with high-potential new relationships

- Maintain Memory of Value contact with delaying prospects

- Welcome and onboard new clients, employee, donors, channel partners

- Maintain Memory of Value contact between decision cycles

- Harvest the fruits of loyalty including cross-sell and referrals.



Memory of Value for YES Decisions

An Enfront innovation that is Share-of-Mind 201.  If a high-value contact is delaying a decision in a competitive environment, you win or lose based on the perception of your value at the time of decision. The competitor that best maintains MEMORY of Value wins. This concept can be a game-changer.

Focused Site: Memory of Value in Depth




High Potential Uses, Based on Client Activity

The ability to deliver your custom content on a programmed basis—often a 6-12 month drip—makes the highest use of system power. It is the Memory of Value concept in action.

You’ll see this application, among others, in the Top 10. 

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