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Leading real-estate agency utilizes Enfront to deliver anniversaries-of-purchase greetings for five years; a vintage example of maintaining value-based contact for repeat and referral. Program now over five years old.

National insurance agency network utilizes Enfront to pre-contact defined prospects, follow-up during prospects’ decision cycle, and welcome and onboard new members. In second year.

Struggling not-for-profit utilized Enfront to achieve a turnaround in developing and maintaining a base of major donor. Primary tactics are one-to-one donor appreciation and “action updates” to maintain memory of value.  4+ years.

National selling organization utilizes Enfront for internal communication to welcome and motivate individual employees. 3+ years.

Regional fire safety company utilizes Enfront to pre-contact a focused prospect list as support for sales team contacts. 5+ years.

Case Studies

Apartment Association utilizes Enfront to welcome and onboard new members (associate and regular), to improve renewal rates via 90 day pre-renewal Memory of Value campaign, and to recover lapsed memberships.

High-producing financial advisor utilizes Enfront to welcome new clients, contact on birthdays, and suggest periodic reviews at anniversary date and immediately following New Year.

Multiple financial services firms utilize Enfront’s birthday and holiday touches as part of baseline retention.

Home improvement company welcomes new clients, immediately gauges satisfaction, and follows-up as part of referral and cross-sell efforts.

City’s economic development department utilizes Enfront for long-term memory of value follow-up with relocation prospects.

Medical devices manufacturer follows up after trade events with product specific content.