This is founder Bill Corbin’s favorite application of the system because “he is one” — founder of something like 20 ideas, several of which went in the tank but there two favorable acquisitions (one to a Canadian newspaper conglomerate list on the New York Stock Exchange).  Also came up with the idea that morphed into Angie’s List and was acquired for $500 million!

All of which to say, this system is ideally suited for the entrepreneur, either start-up or established. Some key reasons:

- You’re to busy to do many things you wish you could do. Failing to stay in touch with key relationships is classic — and it ain’t good. Enfront helps make communication that should happen...happen.

- You can quickly plug it into weak areas… Client welcome and onboard would be an example. Ongoing employee communication is another — and when I hit on the value of this discipline, it was big!



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